Slate: Editorial Art Round Up


Award Nomination: Euphonia Ad Unit

This went through a lot of revisions.

In the design phase, Panoply came up with a way to auto link to a different music subscriber (iTunes/Pandora/Spotify) without the user having to pick one. The last panel shows what would appear if “Subscribe” was clicked, and it was eventually eliminated. The play button and time were also simplified.

These are the 2017 designs.



2018 Updated Design with new Slate Logo:


Slate Designer: Natalie Matthews-Ramo

Product Manager: Caroline Albanese (Ad Product Manager), Leah Campbell (Associate Project Manager), Lily Butler (Story Editor), Tommy Pham (Slate Custom Designer), Alexandria Fergusson (Producer), Lauren Werner (CSM), Gabby Smedes (seller), Shelby Jordan (Campaign Manager), Ivan Miller (Ad Ops), Sharon Wong (VP, Slate Studios).